ICAR/Interbull Annual Conference

May 30 – June 3, 2022

Management of the ICAR’s manuscripts:

  • ICAR (Cesare Mosconi) is collecting the manuscripts related to the technical sessions. They will be published in a Proceedings that will be available on the ICAR website this fall. 
    • Guidelines for producing the manuscript are here


Advanced analytics for adding value to livestock data

Summary: Animal improvement systems and on-farm technologies generate vast amounts of data. Our challenge is to transform this data into actionable information for farmers to make informed decisions towards healthier animals, greater productivity, higher efficiency and improved sustainability. Advanced analytics are data analysis tools that include machine learning, predictive analysis and other statistical methods to gain insights and create value from data assets. We welcome submissions that describe initiatives that make use of advance analytics to create value from animal data.

Using sensor technologies for health and welfare monitoring and recording as part of dairy herd improvement

Summary: How to measure, monitor and use sensor technology for dairy herd improvement? This session aims to explore how sensor technologies can improve our ability to record animal welfare and health indicators and status.  How sensor information can contribute to early detection, prevention of health problems and support dairy herd improvement? Which possibilities do these systems offer for genetic improvement? Of interest are also aspects of validation, trait definition and challenges to consider by using this data.

Sustainability in the context of animal recording

Summary: Livestock sectors are facing new types of challenges globally. Climate change is increasingly impacting how we raise animals for producing high-quality food products and rising consumer awareness is forcing a new level of on-farm accountability. Sustainability is at the forefront of every decision at the farm and consumer levels. The aim of the new ICAR Task Force on Sustainability is to provide a structure and roadmap for how the ICAR members will/should address Sustainability on an ongoing basis in the context of animal recording.

Recording and selection tools for feed efficiency and environmental impact

Summary: Feed efficiency and traits related to environmental impact such as greenhouse gas emission of livestock are challenging traits to record and analyse, both on phenotypic and genetic level. Submissions related to recording and phenotypic and genetic analysis of feed efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions are highly welcome:

  • Advanced recording techniques;
  • Evaluation of proxies and indicator traits (showing both phenotypic and genetic relationships);
  • Genetic analysis, breeding values and breeding goals accounting for feed efficiency and greenhouse gas emission of cattle.

Modern approaches and practices in milk recording

Summary: Given the rapid evolution of dairy farms and technology, the session aims to highlight new developments and possibilities in the offering of Milk Recording services. The presentations will focus on novel approaches to services, both from a practical and scientific perspective.

New developments in sheep, goat and camelids within ICAR

Summary: This session will focus on new developments, novel phenotypes and on genomic selection in existing breeding schemes for small ruminants and camelids. As well, camelids, sheep and goats breeding in America should be highlighted in a global reach perspective for ICAR.

Animal identification – New developments and future possibilities

Summary: This session will explore new developments in Animal Identification technologies and future possibilities for how animal identification might be used to support digital transformation across livestock production.

Milk analysis – New developments in using MIR Spectra

Summary: MIR-spectra are being used to analyze milk components since the 1980ies. Today, advanced analytical technology and powerful data processing tools allow to gain extra value for new information, herd and feeding management tools and phenotype data bases. This session is meant to display the current situation as ExtraMIR (Extra value from -smart use of- MIR spectra), a new joint action team of ICAR and IDF. The overall goal is to offer a more complete and deeper understanding of the activities related to the use of MIR spectra in the dairy sector.